The Most Extravagant Easter Eggs of 2019

The supermarket shelves are stacked high with Easter-themed confectionary at this time of year. Away from every-day offerings, a select few chocolatiers have produced wonderfully extravagant Easter eggs made with intricate precision from the world’s finest cocoa.

Elite Traveler brings you a selection of the very best…

The Magician’s Hat

Pierre Marcolini


Renowned Belgian chocolatier Pierre Marcolini has once again returned with an innovative collection of luxury Easter treats. For 2019, he has created an Easter-themed interpretation of his much-loved signature chocolate, the Heart. The pièce de résistance in the collection is The Magician’s Hat. Weighing in at almost three pounds, The Magician’s Hat begins with a playful rabbit’s head made of white chocolate, before moving onto a dark chocolate hat and base. For the grand finale, 45 miniature eggs are revealed when the hat is finally broken in to, with six different flavors to feast upon.

The Magician’s Hat / Pierre

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