Elite Traveler Meets Fabrice Limon of Q-Vodka

While one might normally think of vodka as a traditionally Russian or Polish spirit, Quintessentially Vodka is redefining the beverage as a distinctly British, ultra-premium and – might we add – organic sipping spirit. 

Fabrice Limon, Managing Director of Quintessentially Spirits, introduces the vodka, and explains how its unique composition, using organic wheat, affects the spirit’s flavor profile and identity.

Quintessentially Vodka is a sibling of Quintessentially Lifestyle, the members’ only concierge service that specializes in exclusive events and insider access.

Limon explains that Q-Vodka was crafted specifically for Q-Lifestyle clients, and to address a gap in the spirit market where a luxury sipping vodka was absent.

“Certainly in the UK we tend to think of sipping cognac, and sipping whisky,” says Limon, “but we wanted to provide a vodka that people could sip and savor and enjoy, neat over ice or certainly in a martini.”

Watch the full interview with Fabrice Limon in the video above.

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