Elite Traveler Meets Bremont Watch Company Co-Founder Nick English

Elite Traveler meets Bremont Watch Company co-founder Nick English. He explains how aviation, his father and a French farmer came together to inspire the Bremont watches that can withstand extreme conditions.

Brothers Nick and Giles English founded Bremont in 2002. But they trace the company’s history back to their childhood when they learnt about mechanics through their father. Dr Euan English was an aeronautical engineer with an interest in watches and the sons would play with broken grandfather clocks at his workshop.

Dr English died in a plane accident in 1995. Nick and Giles had to make an emergency landing in a French field two years later. The French farmer whose land it was welcomed the sons into his house. Old clocks and mechanical parts scattered around the place. They discovered the farmer used to be an engineer and had also flown aircraft. He reminded them of their father. His name was Antoine Bremont and the Nick and Giles’ watch company was born.