Down to the Boathouse

Story 3_3If it hasn’t floated in your direction yet, it soon will. We are talking, of course, about the excitement surrounding Floatwing, a new super high-tech floating home that, when fully-charged by its 334 sq ft of solar panels, is self-sufficient for a week.

It was designed by a team of naval architects and industrial engineers from the University of Coimbra in Portugal, the same team behind a conceptual personal submarine. What we love is that it can reach some of the most remote lakes and rivers in the world, allowing you to travel in utter peace and privacy – no traffic, noise or noisy people. Just you and the open water.

Story 3_2The spec is pretty impressive and can be built to order with up to three bedrooms. It has a height of 17ft and can measure up to 59ft in length. The design is sleek too, in a pared back, New England style. In short, it’s up there with Philippe Starck’s legendary PATH Series of prefabricated homes in the style stakes – with the added bonus that this one floats.

Up to $253,000,