London Stately Home Up For Sale at £100m

30th October 2017 // By Will Grice

One of London’s remaining stately homes – Doughty House – will be put up for sale after a huge restoration project. The property, described as somewhere to rival Buckingham Palace, is expected to be completed in late 2019 and will be sold for £100 million ($131.9m). It will also feature £30m ($39.6m) worth of renovations. doughty house london sale mansion expensive

The project has been taken on by K10 Group who will begin work in January 2018.The property is located just next to Richmond Park and will take 18 months to be completed. The finished house will include 48 chandeliers, an underground car museum, 12 grand fireplaces, over $5m worth of bespoke joinery and 20 different types of rare stone.

“We are working closely with a team of world class consultants and heritage experts on our designs to rescue, restore and return Doughty House to its original stately home origins.

doughty house london sale mansion expensive

Kam Babaee, K10’s CEO says: “The construction work and completion of Doughty House is still another two years away. The buyer is acquiring an important piece of British history and a world-class newly refurbished stately home.

“If a discerning buyer purchases Doughty House now, they will have the advantage of working with us over the next two years to totally customise and refine the current plans and design scheme to their personal tastes and lifestyle.

“It’s a unique opportunity to acquire what is arguably the most important private palace ever created in London.”

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