Could This be Qatar’s First Supercar?

By Codelia Mantsebo

Image Credit: Elibriea

Billed as Qatar’s first supercar, the Elibriea concept debuted at the 2016 Qatar Motor Show on January 28. The super speedy and super aerodynamic supercar could have a production model on sale by December.

Elibriea, whose concept and development belongs to 27 year-old Abdul Wahab Ziaullah, will be available for pre-order in March with deliveries set to start in December. The stealth-jet supercar boasts an elegant design, lightweight construction and robust engineering.

Image Credit: Elibriea

Elibriea produces 535 horsepower through a V-6 engine and weighs around 2,200 pounds due to its carbon fibre body. The power is released to all of the four wheels to get it moving, but no performance figures have been published yet.
Designed to resemble a stealth fighter jet, the supercar is coated in gold paint and features Lamborghini-like scissor doors with cutouts. The long, arched cabin is squeezed between front-end and an equally short, sharp rear.

Elibriea Automotive is currently conceptualizing a lightweight, eco-friendly sports coupe called Equvallas. The production version of the Elibriea, Equvallas will be built without any compromise in performance, according to the Elibreia website.
‘This could be achieved by utilizing best of the available carbon fiber composite technologies and implementing them to develop not just the body panels or monocoque, but also the core components of drivetrain, resulting in sports car with more agility and net thrust per unit mass.’

The supercar has a carbon fiber body and monocoque, and a mid-mounted engine with 800 horsepower drives the rear wheels through a six-speed sequential gearbox. Although there are no pricing details as of yet, Elibriea claims that pre-orders will begin in March.

The project for the Elibriea concept was sponsored by Qatar-based retail and distribution company Ali Bin Ali Group. Elibriea Automotive is a luxury sports car brand tailored for high-end customer needs.