Costa di Mare at Wynn Las Vegas

By Kristen Shirley

A Private Cabana at Costa di Mare

A Private Cabana at Costa di Mare

One of the best parts about a trip to Las Vegas is undoubtedly the cuisine. Many big-name chefs have opened outposts here. However, if you want an experience that you can’t get anywhere else in the world, we highly recommend Costa di Mare at Wynn, where Steve Wynn’s passion and dedication to excellence truly shine.


The Fish Cart

For Mr. Wynn, there is always a way to obtain the unobtainable. At Costa di Mare, over forty varieties of fresh fish and shellfish are flown in daily from Italy, including some very rare fish. On our last visit, when we saw Mr. Wynn himself enjoying dinner with guests at a private cabana, a rare slipper lobster, Cicale di Mare, was on the menu. This large, flat, prehistoric lobster has flesh even more refined than a modern lobster, and is absolutely delicious. According to Chef Mark LoRusso, Cicale di Mare “react to pollution, so they live only in pristine waters. The Italian government restricts their catch to a 2.5 month season” every year. Other guest favorites are White Truffles from Alba and the rare Costardelle, a blue fish traditional to Messina. We recommend booking a private cabana outside near the lagoon and enjoying the six-course tasting menu, Gira D’Italia, which offers courses inspired by different areas of Italy. After your meal, don’t miss the cordial cart that has some very rare bottles available by the glass. Recently, Costa di Mare added Vinicola da Madeira 1880 Malmsey.

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Forty Varieties of Fish and Shellfish Are Flown Daily From Italy

Spaghetti alle Vongole

Spaghetti alle Vongole