Breathtaking Carved Creations in Fine Jewelry

28th May 2018 // By Kristen Shirley

This story originally appeared in the May/June 2018 issue of Elite Traveler.

One of jewelry’s most enduring traditions, carving motifs into precious gems, can bring a lightness to significant stones, as well as be simply breathtaking. Secret watches frequently incorporate carved stones that slide away to reveal the time. Graff is particularly adept at this, creating beautiful pieces that marry its horology prowess and jewelry artistry. This example features a 20.65-carat carved tourmaline in a floral motif. Carved stones feature heavily in Cartier’s high-jewelry collections (its Tutti Frutti pieces are an institution). The jeweler’s newer pieces pay respect to Cartier’s traditional craftsmanship while remaining modern. Here, onyx, diamonds and a host of pink and red stones make a harmonious bracelet; the suite also includes a matching necklace. From Bayco’s Mogul collection, which nods to the jewelry of India’s maharajas, this delicate necklace showcases a hand-carved Zambian emerald. Indian jeweler Sweta Jain of Goshwara uses her family’s gemstone business to source dazzling stones, then designs pieces that reflect both her background and a modern femininity; the G-One ring boasts a stunning 47.18-carat carved tanzanite. Born in Hong Kong,Wendy Yue also fuses her heritage with contemporary style. Pieces exploring nature’s bounty and detailed craftsmanship are her hallmarks. We love these carved jade earrings, which are offset by emeralds and tsavorites.

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