The Best Whiskey in the World

JeffersonsJefferson’s 17 Year Old Presidential Select, $100+

Universally praised as one of the smoothest and silkiest bourbon whiskeys on offer today, Jefferson’s exclusive small batch 17 Year Old Presidential Select is the stuff of a whiskey connoisseur’s dreams. Released on a limited basis back in 2009 and with demand on the rise as it becomes increasingly difficult to obtain, this well aged Kentucky produced wheated bourbon can be identified by an attractive copper color — flickering from amber to mahogany depending on the light.

Jefferson’s has since released an 18 Year Old and a 21 Year Old Kentucky Bourbon, which may be easier and cheaper for the American whiskey fan to acquire.

It has a sweet bouquet of coconut, roasted nuts and nougat, with tasting unveiling to the fortuitous drinker syrupy flavors of vanilla, caramel apples and taffy.

Meanwhile Jefferson’s younger – but no less satisfying – regular small batch bourbon won a Gold Medal at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition in 2008. The brand produces its soft “liquid gold” in metal clad warehouses, the heat forcing the bourbon to expand deep into its wooden barrel,  releasing the most prevalent flavors.