Belstaff x BLOODHOUND: A Supersonic Collaboration

31st October 2017 // By Will Grice

When buying almost any form of clothing there is often a trade off between functionality and luxury, however the new Belstaff x BLOODHOUND collection shows you can have the best of both worlds.

belstaff x bloodhound

Designed to be worn by the BLOODHOUND team during their upcoming World Land Speed Record challenge, the two part collection, made up of a pair of sunglasses and jacket, perfectly blends the luxury styling of Belstaff with the resilience needed to break such a record.

The collection will be worn by Andy Green and the BLOODHOUND team as they aim to travel beyond the 1,000mph mark, smashing the previous record of 763mph. The jacket features fully taped and bonded seams making the jacket both water repellent and windproof, while the sleeves feature an ergonomic design and bi-stretch technology allowing complete freedom of movement.

belstaff x bloodhound

The sunglasses have gone through a double mold injection process giving them a blue and orange tint. Constructed from EMS TR90 polyamide, a synthetic material traditionally used in everything from automotive chassis to hydraulics, the frames and lenses both offer lots of UV protection as well as a light weight and high levels of durability. The lenses are made from a new generation of high tech polyurethane which offers improved weight reduction, strength and vision when compared to traditional lenses.

The jacket is now available, while the sunglasses will be available in December from Belstaff stores, selected retailers and