Awe-Inspiring Arctic Trips for the Coming Months

11th October 2018 // By Lauren Hill

This month the Arctic specialist, Off the Map Travel, launched a series of new journeys incorporating unique experiences that make any trip above the Arctic Circle even more extraordinary. From staying in a cabin made entirely of ice to learning Arctic survival skills, these are the most awe-inspiring Arctic trips to embark on in the coming months.

Ice Cabins in Finland

At the end of last year, the new Apukka Resort made its debut in Rovaniemi, Finland. In addition to having a collection of cozy apartments and rooms, the resort has a series of cabins including some that are made almost entirely from ice – walls made from bricks of ice are topped with a wooden roof. Specialist bedding and reindeer skins ensure you stay warm inside despite being in temperatures of between 0 and -5ºC. The resort also has a number of Aurora Cabins and Aurora Wagons with glass roofs. Set in the Arctic wilderness, this resort places the focus on activities such as Snow Train excursions, husky sleigh rides and of course, catching sight of the Northern Lights.

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