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7 of the Coolest Airline Amenity Kits

By Chris |  December 11 2016

By Codelia Mantsebo

Whether its Savoy-trained butlers, fizz on tap or showers at 40,000ft – flying first class is truly fabulous.

An amenity kit is just another perfectly designed staple to enhance the passenger experience in the front of the plane.
From top-of-the-line cosmetics to designer pajamas, onboard amenity kits are more than just a piece of aviation novelty — airlines give the VIP treatment from inside one luxe little bag.

Whether traveling for business or leisure, you’ll will find the amenity kits that meet both your in-flight and post-flight needs.

Here’s a rundown on the coolest airline amenity kits, brimming with enough indulgent goodies to soften the blow of a long-haul jaunt.

Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways’ passengers enjoy luxury amenity kits by Giorgio Armani Beauty and Fragrances. In Business Class, the ladies score with an Armani Si fragrance and a perfumed body lotion, while there’s a near-identical amenity kit in First Class but with eye makeup remover. The amenity kit can double up as make-up or jewelry bag post-flight.

Male Business Class passengers receive an Acqua di Gio fragrance and after shave balm, joined by an Armani Men ‘master lotion’ in First Class.
On overnight flights, First Class flyers will also receive pajamas by Italian fashion house Missoni, paired with matching slippers.

Turkish Airlines

Turkish Airlines’ amenity kits are based on world-famous design brands Jaguarn Cerruti, Bentley, and Chopard.
On outbound flights, the Jaguar branded bag is offered, which comes in a quality high-tech material symbolizing the “grace, pace and space” of Jaguar cars, and can be reused as a tablet case or document holder. The size of the bag can be expanded by undoing the zipper so that passengers can carry more or larger items.
On inbound flights, the Cerruti branded bag is offered, which is elegant and simple, designed to create the sense of nonchalant chic. Inside the bag you’ll find skincare products from Institut Karité with its signature shea butter ingredient to hydrate your skin during and after the flight.

From early 2017 the Jaguar and Cerruti Business Class kits will be swapped out for designs from Bentley and Furla.


Emirates exudes style and sophistication with Emirates Private Collection by Bulgari amenity kits for both men and women. Made from fine leather, the kit bags come in charcoal grey for men and pale grey for women. The bags contain luxury Bulgari products, such as moisturizer and Parfumée au thé noir perfume, as well as super-soft pajamas, designed to keep your skin soft while flying – preventing dehydration and stimulating circulation.

Emirates offers four designs for each gender, so frequent flyers can sample the entire collection.

Emirates also has the world’s first interactive amenity kits for Economy Class. The stylish amenity kits come in six designs, inspired by the six continents the airline flies to. These cutting-edge kit bags utilize Augmented Reality (AR) technology to unlock immersive content on mobile devices, in addition to offering comfort and convenience to passengers on select long-haul flights.

Air France

Jet-setters on Air France’s La Premiere are gifted with a travel kit complete with a selection of Carita facial and body care products and lounge wear, slippers and a dust bag for passengers’ shoes.

The kit has a selection of four luxury beauty products, along with a moisturizing cream, hand cream, lip balm, ear plugs, a comb, a sleeping mask, a pen and a relaxing eye mask.

Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines First Class customers on selected long-haul flights receive an amenities kit, with luxurious toiletries and perfumes by Salvatore Ferragamo. First Class customers on selected long-haul services will also receive a stylish, Givenchy sleeper suit and suede slippers to lounge in comfort while onboard.

The kits are filled with Ferragamo products — Signorina eau de toilette, moisturizer and lip balm for women and ACQUA Essenziale cologne, moisturizer and lip balm for men to aid the fight against jet lag.

Korean Air

Korean Air’s Prestige Class offers passengers traveling on lengthy flights to America, Europe, Oceania and the Middle East a refreshing kit.
Passengers are given a brown DAVI amenity kit bag with three different luxury brand DAVI cosmetic items, such as face cream, hand cream, aftershave lotion, eye gel, and lip balm, with added extracts of wine, are packed in a convenient pouch, along with eye mask, toothbrush and toothpaste for your convenience.

British Airways

British Airways’ amenity kits are designed for primping and preening on-board. First passengers can feel relaxed, revived and refreshed during their flight, with a carefully selected collection of well-being essentials provided in a bespoke British Airways bag. Luxe unisex spa and skincare line Elemis has had a partnership with British Airways for years, and its fabulous-smelling products are used for preflight massage treatments in some of the airline’s first-class lounges (including those in Heathrow and JFK Airports).

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