The 7 British Chefs To Watch In 2018

31st January 2018 // By Lauren Hill & Will Grice

Joshua Overington – Le Cochon Aveugle, York

Not to toot our own horn, but Elite Traveler has long been a fan of Le Cochon Aveugle. Since we first visited in early 2014 the restaurant has long held a special place in our heart. With a menu that is as playful as their bra-filled interior, the work Joshua Overington has done with Le Cochon Aveugle has been second to none.

Having taken over the restaurant from the most rock and roll man in cooking, Michael O’Hare, Overington has kept the spirit of Le Cochon Aveugle and transformed it into what is easily the best restaurant in all of York (and arguably one of the best in Yorkshire). A feat made even more spectacular due to the standard set by O’Hare, whose previous restaurant The Blind Swine was perhaps the most over-subscribed restaurant to ever open in the city.

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The menu at Le Cochon Aveugle regularly changes, with the focus being on modern French cuisine (expect dishes like squid risotto with langoustine and raspberry or the rather endearing black pudding macaroon), however as with any good chef Overington is more than capable of throwing a curveball to really wow guests.