Sziget Festival

Sziget is one of the biggest cultural events of Europe and 400,000 people each year come to the island of the Danube for this multicultural event.

Sziget is actually many festivals rolled into one – each venue presents a series of programs and these ‘individual festivals’ cater for lovers of all kinds of music, including mainstream, world, hard rock, metal, blues and jazz. Visitors can also enjoy a number of dance and theater performances as well as art exhibitions, literary events and classical music concerts – it really is the perfect festival for the cultural traveler. Sziget has a unique and unrivalled atmosphere that is almost impossible to describe – it really has to be experienced to be understood. Elite options include a VIP camping facility in the festival area, which includes a swimming pool, restricted VIP lounge area next to the main stage, and an exclusive boat service from the city center to the festival.

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Pf. 694/245, 1399 Budapest