FIAC International Fair of Contemporary Art


OCTOBER 18 – 21, 2018

Paris is often associated with the antique and the unattainable when it comes to art.

Paintings and sculptures by past masters such as da Vinci, Monet, Moreau, and Canova adorn the halls of many of its museums and galleries. However, there is much more to the Parisian art scene. FIAC, an annual contemporary art fair, offers art buffs the opportunity to view and buy works by current artists and craftsmen. Held in a series of impressive spaces such as the Grand Palais and the Louvre’s square courtyard, it has featured and sold pieces by Anish Kapoor, Takashi Murakami and Jean-Michel Basquiat. Individual private tours of the fair are available for those who want an in-depth appreciation of the works on offer.

Lucie Garnier (guided tour organiser)

+33 (0)1 4700 9085 / (for guided tours)