Events in Athens

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MARCH 2016 The mix of narrow, twisting, boulder-filled mountain tracks, suffocating heat and physically challenging conditions makes the Acropolis Rally the toughest and oldest rally on the FIA World Rally Championship calendar. However, for the elite traveler the Acropolis Rally platinum package offers all the drama of the track with the benefit of comfort and service. At the ceremonial start […]

Acropolis Rally


  NOVEMBER 08, 2015 Among all the Olympic sport events, the Marathon stands out through its inception from a truly heroic and historic event. The prestigious race is based on the path run by messenger Pheidippides, who ran from the Battle of Marathon to Athens in 490BC. Upon arrival in Athens his dying words were to announce Greek victory over […]

Classic Marathon


Inspired by the God Dionysus the ancient Greeks loved festivals, music, and the spectacular; modern day Athens continues this tradition under the banner of the Athens Festival. This music and drama extravaganza runs throughout the summer, bringing the very best in music, art and drama to Athenians and visitors from across the globe. Over its 50 year history the Athens […]