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de Grisogono Opens Boutique in Paris

By Emma Reynolds

In the wake of the devastating news surrounding the burning of Notre Dame in Paris, the City of Light continues to shine. This week, Swiss luxury jeweler de Grisogono announced the opening of its new Paris boutique located in the heart of the Golden Triangle. The gorgeous store references a Florentine villa from the inside, while the outside recalls an […]

The Most Beautiful National Parks in Spain

By Alex Martin

National parks in Spain are often overlooked in favor of the country’s dining and cultural scene, but between them they have enough natural beauty to rival many of their European counterparts. The country’s 15 national parks are shared among the mainland, the Canary Islands and the Balearic Islands. Elite Traveler takes a closer look at six of the best. Sierra […]

The Most Majestic Monuments in Spain

By Lauren Hill

Travel to historic cities across Spain for insight into the diverse cultural influence that’s made this the country it is today. The most majestic monuments in Spain tell the stories of this fascinating past through their architectural magnificence. Alhambra Palace, Granada One of Spain’s most iconic monuments, this palace and fortress is what brings many travelers to the Andalusian city. […]

Where to Experience Flamenco in Spain

By Lauren Hill

This fiery dance of flamboyance, fluidity, passion and drama is one of Spain’s great cultural hallmarks, bringing together three elements—rhythm, song and dance—with hand claps, guitar and castanets. With roots going back to the late medieval period, flamenco is entwined in Spanish history and a distinct part of the country’s identity. You can experience this Spanish tradition at flamenco venues […]

Learn the Art of British Pie Making with Calum Franklin

London’s restaurant scene is one of the most eclectic in the world, so much so that it is hard to decipher traditional dishes from the myriad cuisines that have been embraced over generations. However, the humble pie is unmistakably British. Still, so wide are London’s options that the pie has become a rare sight, especially in fine dining. Rising culinary […]

The Most Exclusive Culinary Experiences in Spain

By Lauren Hill

Seek out the most exclusive culinary experiences on your next trip to Spain, from the country’s three-Michelin-starred restaurants and a curated food tour to farm-to-table dining in Ibiza and Mallorca. SLOW Food at Amante Ibiza Embracing the SLOW food movement—an acronym of Sustainable, Local, Organic and Wellness—the celebrated beach club, Amante Ibiza, is championing wellness through gastronomy. To connect diners […]

Getting a Taste for Sherry in Jerez

By Lauren Hill

Tucked into Spain’s Cadiz province, Jerez is a major draw for its rich history and cuisine, and a mecca for Andalusian culture—from flamenco dancing to equestrian sport—but one of the region’s greatest hallmarks is its claim to Spain’s celebrated fortified wine, sherry. Step into atmospheric bodegas, stroll through vineyards and pair some of these local wines with tapas. It’s the […]

The Best Golf Courses in Mallorca

By Lauren Hill

With an enviable climate, undulating landscape and captivating ocean views, this Balearic island provides a breathtaking environment for golfers of every level. Take your own tour of the best golf courses in Mallorca to see how many you can tick off. Alcanada Golf Club Situated on the north of the island by Acudia Bay, this award-winning golf course offers stunning […]

Discover Spain’s Most Breathtaking Coastal Spots

By Lauren Hill

With its long Mediterranean coast, shores facing onto the Atlantic Ocean and pockets of idyllic islands, Spain is bursting with outstanding beaches. From San Sebastian in Basque Country to the southerly Canary Islands, here’s where to find six of the best. Rodas Beach, Las Cies Islands This small archipelago lies off the coast of Pontevedra, Galicia, and is included in […]

The Most Impressive Unesco Sites in Spain

By Lauren Hill

From volcanic landscape and the nation’s highest mountain to ancient Roman ruins and centuries-old architecture, these are five of the most impressive Unesco sites in Spain. Teide National Park Tenerife The biggest park in the Canary Islands and home to Spain’s highest mountain, the Teide-Pico stratovolcano, this national park is an extraordinary landscape of craters, volcanoes and rivers of petrified […]