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The Golden Orange Film Festival

  SEPTEMBER 20 – 27, 2018 At 51 years of age, the Golden Orange in Antalya is Turkey’s longest running film festival. A significant date on the international film festival calendar, Golden Orange attracts eminent actors and directors such as Francis Ford Coppola, Helen Mirren and Kevin Spacey. The festival includes international, national and documentary film competitions. The Golden Orange is […]

Closing Ceremony, Golden Orange Film Festival


  JULY 30-1 AUGUST 2018 The prestigious Copa del Rey (King’s Cup) is now a major date on the international yachting calendar and competing teams include America’s Cup participants. King Juan Carlos I of Spain is a former competitor and won the trophy twice in the nineties while skippering Jose Cusi’s Rogue. The King now regularly attends as a spectator […]


  JULY 27 – AUGUST 7, 2018 The Antigua Carnival is a ten-day celebration of music and dance held annually on the island from late July until the first Tuesday of August. You will be sure to encounter colorful costumes, Carnival Queen pageants, food fairs, parades, talent shows and plenty of great reggae and calypso music from live bands and […]


  JULY 14 – AUGUST 25, 2018 Paying tribute to Lucca-born composer Giacomo Puccini, the Puccini Festival is held every summer in an open-air theater next to Puccini’s former home, Villa Mausoleum. Established in 1930, the festival now attracts 40,000 opera lovers each year, all keen to enjoy extraordinary productions of Puccini’s operas, including Madame Butterfly, La Bohème and Turandot. […]

Taormina Film Festival

  JUNE 14 – 21, 2018 An integral part of Taormina Arte, the town’s well-established summerlong culture fest, the film festival is an annual celebration of the best in the film world and offers a week packed with exclusive premieres, Hollywood glamour and VIP luxury. Elite evening screenings take place at Taormina’s beautiful two-thousand-year-old Greek theatre (with an immense ocean […]

Voiles D’Antibes

May 30 – June 3, 2017 The Panerai Classic Yachts Challenge reaches Mediterranean shores and signals the start of the summer season with the 17th edition of the Voiles d’Antibes. This is a stunning regatta which attracts some of the world’s most spectacular rare vintage and classic yachts: ancient cutters with professional crews are matched against America’s Cup yachts. As spectator […]

St. Barths Film Festival

April 29 – May 4 The St. Barths Film Festival was launched in 1996, allowing the island to open the doors to the cultural richness of the Caribbean by way of cinema. Now an established event on the island’s cultural calendar, the festival has put St. Barths on the map as a meeting place for regional filmmakers to come together […]

Presidential Cycling Tour of Turkey

April 16 – April 21 The Presidential Cycling tour is the biggest cycling race in Turkey and the president of Turkey attends every year either at the start or the end of the race. The exact details of this eight-stage route change each time, but it largely runs along the south-western coast and finishes in Alanya. The Presidential Tour offers […]

Presidential Cycling Tour of Turkey

Royal Greenhouses of Laeken

April 14 – May 5 For three weeks each spring these remarkable greenhouses are open to the public, an occasion continued over a century which is certainly not one to be missed. These incredible structures of steel and glass were the brainchild of King Leopold II during the late 19th century and, today, still house much of his admired botanical […]

Paxos International Music Festival

ANNUALLY IN SEPTEMBER One of the islands’ most distinguished festivals, the Paxos International Music Festival had humble beginnings, starting in 1986 as a series of small performances under the olive trees in the garden of the late John Gough, a passionate musician and long-term resident of the island. Now in its 27th year, this small festival of classical concerts has […]