Top 50 Adventures

We’ve scoured the globe to compile our ultimate list of adventures. From helicopter rides to the top of the world to nocturnal glow-in-the-dark diving in the Indian Ocean, there’s something to suit all explorers

Elite Traveler

Compete in a Skimarathon in Switzerland

If you’re a keen cross-country skier, you’re probably aware of the Engadin Skimarathon — a 26-mile race through the stunning Swiss Alps. The event is held annually on the second Sunday in March (giving you plenty of time to train for 2020). The current record holder is Hervé Balland, who came in first in 1994 with a super-speedy time of one hour and 16 minutes. Even if you aren’t looking to whiz around the course at a breakneck pace, the views of the snow-capped peaks and endless blanketed fields are mesmerizing. Post-race, head to Suvretta House — a charming, family-run hotel nestled in the Upper Engadine alpine valley. The fitness facilities are excellent, and the expert staff can assist with training for the ski marathon. A post-marathon massage in the charming spa is a must, and be sure to have a luxuriating soak in the outdoor hot tub as snow flakes drift by.

Igloo Sleepover in Greenland

You might be heading to the Arctic to chase the Northern Lights, but you need accommodations that are as unique as those dancing lights. Newly launched for winter 2018/19, the Igloo Lodge has hand-built, traditional igloos where you can spend the night. There are five igloos; each can sleep two people and comes with reindeer skins and specialist sleeping bags, and the aim is to bring you back to nature to experience a night in the Arctic tundra like the Inuits have been doing for centuries. By day, head off on snowshoeing and snowmobiling adventures and by night, head on a Northern Lights safari.

Camp Out in the Arctic Circle in Norway

White sandy beaches and a crystal-clear ocean — are you thinking of the Caribbean, archipelagos in the Maldives or perhaps Australia’s Gold Coast? How about the Lofoten Islands? On the banks of one of Norway’s most scenic fjords with Arctic peaks rising in the distance, you’ll find lush green hills, startlingly blue waters and untouched beaches to rival any private island in warmer climes. Stay in a lavvu, an indigenous Sami teepee, right in the middle of this gorgeous expanse. The two-night, three-day camping experience includes a cruise through the islands (keep your eyes peeled for white-tailed sea eagles, porpoises and whales), guided hikes to the best vantage points, and kayaking through the bright turquoise waters before stopping for a picnic on the beach. You can also unleash your inner chef with a wilderness cooking course (Fish Your Dish), or help the environment with a beach cleanup and a presentation on the major impacts of plastic in our oceans.

Sail and Ski Around the Fjords of Norway

You may have seen the northern lights from Canada, Iceland or Finland. But have you ever seen them from the deck of a historic sailing ship, or skied down a mountain as the green-and-blue phenomenon illuminated the sky? Black Tomato has an itinerary where you can board Anna Rogde, a 150-year-old icon with a storied history of transporting cargo up and down the coast of northern Norway. The journey begins along the Steigen coastline, where you’ll sail through the icy waters before discovering the formidable peaks of the mountains. These peaks average 3,280 ft, so expect astonishing views and exhilarating skiing with no one else for miles around. Non-skiers can explore too, as there are sea kayaks and fishing equipment on board, and deep-sea and spear fishing is available. Journey deeper through the fjords into the mesmerizing Lofoten Islands for more excellent runs, then check in to the curious glass-fronted sea cabins in the tiny island of Manshausen to relax and rejuvenate (or, if you have any energy left, hike through the bewitching landscape or pick up a spear and fish for your lunch).