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The Best Online Workouts Classes to Stream at Home

By Emma Reynolds

There’s no question that communities on nearly every continent are feeling the life-changing effects of Covid-19. Being isolated in your home and creating new routines can be difficult, but keep your physical health in tip-top shape and allow yourself to mentally distract with the online workout classes to stream at home. To keep up with your fitness and help relieve […]

Gut Health Treatments That Can Change Your Life

By Samantha Coles

The link between gut health and overall well-being is not to be underestimated. The world’s best spas are taking note. Two of the biggest enemies of our health are inflammation and an unhealthy gut. Inflammation is the root of all illness: Autoimmune conditions, asthma, diabetes and even cancer are caused by inflammation in the body. A recent study by the […]

Discover the Beauty Benefits of Cryotherapy

By Samantha Coles

Cryotherapy may sound a little out there — willingly subjecting yourself to below-freezing temperatures for a maximum of three minutes — but it is thought to have a whole host of benefits: reducing inflammation, increasing muscle recovery, boosting metabolism, strengthening the immune system, relieving mild insomnia and jetlag, and improving collagen levels and elasticity in the skin. The Full Body […]

Teresa Tarmey Reviews: The Spa at Mandarin Oriental, Tokyo

By Teresa Tarmey

With over two decades in the industry, Teresa Tarmey is one of the world’s leading skincare experts. In this series, she shares her favorite destinations, spas, treatments and beauty tips. A trip to Japan’s busy capital city of Tokyo is made all the more luxurious – and relaxing – with a visit to one of my favorite spas at the […]

Getting to Know Skincare Expert Teresa Tarmey

By Elite Traveler

With over two decades in the industry, Teresa Tarmey is one of the world’s leading skincare experts. She includes supermodels and A-list actresses amongst her clientele who pay upwards of $360 per hour for a signature facial from her London atelier. In a quickfire Q&A with Elite Traveler, Teresa reveals why she got into skincare, her biggest achievements to date […]

The Best Spas in Miami

By Emma Reynolds

Miami might be known for its seen-and-be-seen party vibe, filled with late nights, breezy beachside soirées and indulgent food and drink, but it’s also home to some of the world’s most incredible spas. During your next trip to the 305, reserve a massage treatment to detox before you retox with our definitive list of the best spas in Miami. Tierra […]

Healing Retreat Will Open in Grand Cayman in 2020

By Emma Reynolds

As world travelers become more in-tune with wellness, developers and hoteliers aim to create unique experiences for those trading burgers and fries for green juice and CBD-infused beverages. There’s no time more crucial than now for busy travelers to have the option to detox, unplug and reset during their precious yearly vacation time. Founders of Revive Cayman, Kim and Ashleigh […]

Spa of the Week: Iridium Spa at The St. Regis Bahia Beach, Puerto Rico

By Emma Reynolds

After Hurricane María’s devastating damage in 2017, Puerto Rico is slowly rebuilding. After a $60 million restoration, The St. Regis Bahia Beach has officially reopened and is better than ever. In addition to its exterior, rooms and common spaces, the restoration gave the hotel a chance to completely transform its spa. To get to there, walk through a palm-tree-lined pathway […]

Spa of the Week: Vinothérapie Spa at Les Sources de Caudalie  

By Samantha Coles

The French paradox is one that we can most definitely get behind — it is the belief that the French diet and lifestyle is paramount to good health, despite what some other studies say (read: lots of cheese and wine is good for you). At Les Sources de Caudalie in Bordeaux, the French paradox is celebrated and upheld at every turn — especially at […]

The Best Anti-Pollution Facials

By Samantha Coles

Pollution can wreak havoc on skin. It can cause uneven skin tone, blemishes, breakouts, clogged pores, and accelerates the ageing process. As pollution particles are so minuscule, they can penetrate the deeper layers of the skin and have a damaging effect on lipid and collagen levels. It’s hard to avoid if you’re a city dweller, and no matter how vigorous […]