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Airbus Reveals Beautiful Aston Martin ACH130 Helicopter

By Alex Martin

Loyal Aston Martin customers will be able to show their appreciation for the brand in the most extravagant of ways after it announced the co-developed Airbus ACH130 Aston Martin Edition helicopter. The next best thing to a flying car, this limited-edition helicopter has been developed to feel like an Aston Martin on the inside and, to a lesser extent, look […]

First Drive: Maserati Levante GTS + Maserati E-scooter

By Alexandra Cheney

The cobblestones of the streets that run between the grandiose Piazza Roma and the historical Mercato Albinelli marketplace in Downtown Modena, Italy less resemble stones than melon-sized boulders worn down over centuries. It is here, in a prehistoric Roman town, that Maserati debuted its 28-lb electric scooter. On a pair of 8.5-inch wheels with a few kick-push starts, the scooter […]

Sitting Pretty in the Lamborghini LBF-750 Massage Chair

By Alexandra Cheney

As bespoke vehicle possibilities and additional model options reached a fever pitch, automakers aptly switched lanes. Implementing in-house design aesthetics and technology on objects beyond the garage, manufacturers seek to capitalize on a new class of lifestyle collaborations. To achieve true customer loyalty, car companies are utilizing their proprietary research and development to fully immerse clients in their curated universe […]

Inside the David Brown Automotive Speedback Silverstone

By Alexandra Cheney

Performance-led grand tourer meets continental cruiser in the Speedback Silverstone Edition, a bespoke automobile from David Brown Automotive, a Silverstone, England-based small-batch manufacturer. Employing the original chassis, transmission and suspension from a Jaguar XKR, Brown Automotive then custom-builds the aluminum body to house the 601 hp, 5.0 liter supercharged V8 vehicle. With its sleek, extended side skirts, enlarged side vents […]

Pininfarina Battista: Silent and Street Legal

By Alexandra Cheney

For those unfamiliar with the finer milestones in car design, the name Pininfarina sounds oddly proverbial. Born Battista Farina, the postwar design magnate and coachbuilder focused on the drafting and construction of new car bodies for the likes of Ferrari and Alfa Romeo throughout his career. At home, he was the youngest boy of 11 children and quickly garnered the […]

Bugatti Chiron Sky View – First Drive

By Alexandra Cheney

Sliding into the not quite camel — but darker than sand — supple leather seat feels like being handed the reins to a realized spaceship. There are no touchscreens in the Chiron but rather mindfully placed, if not inordinately large, buttons. Bugatti engineers claim they’re an integral part of the timeless beauty that runs throughout the brand’s portfolio. In reality, […]

The Heroes Driving Blacklane’s Award-Winning Service

By Elite Traveler

Decked out in smart, crisp black suits: Blacklane’s crew of dedicated chauffeurs make sure every journey is tailored to perfection. You know the feeling: the business presentation that runs over; the unexpected delays; and the anxiety that creeps in knowing you have a long-haul flight ahead. Blacklane removes all the stress and uncertainty from this situation. As you pack your […]

McLaren Reveals New Luggage Line for GT Model

By Alex Martin

The McLaren GT is not known for its big trunk, so the British car manufacturer has developed a bespoke luggage line that allows customers to get full use out of the supercar’s limited storage space. Designed specifically to maximize the limited space inside the latest $200,000 GT model, the new GT Luggage line has been developed in-house to ensure it […]

Lexus Adventure Arrives at Blackberry Mountain Resort

By Alex Martin

Blackberry Mountain Resort has become the newest member of the Lexus Hotel Partner Program and can now offer guests the chance to experience the all-new Lexus GX in its natural environment. The Lexus Off-Road Adventure allows guests to hone their off-road driving skills while taking in the beauty of the Great Smoky Mountains. During a 90-minute excursion through a custom-designed […]

A First Look at the Exclusive Rolls-Royce Ghost Zenith

By Alex Martin

Rolls-Royce Motor Cars are giving enthusiasts the chance to own a piece of company history with the release of a limited-run Ghost Zenith Collector’s Edition. Following on from the Phantom Zenith project, the Ghost Zenith Collector’s Edition is limited to just 50 examples and will offer more bespoke options than any model since its inception in 2009. The most exclusive of these […]