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Wally: Iconic Yachts From the Ultimate Innovators

By Theodora Halstead

Following Ferretti Group’s investment into yacht designer and builder Wally earlier this year, Elite Traveler looks at three yachts that have made this brand such an innovative and dynamic force in the superyacht world. Wallyace These days you’d be hard-pressed to find a yacht without a beach club that enables you to easily access the water. However, this wasn’t always […]

The Top 14 Luxury Cars of 2019

By Alexandra Cheney

Elite Traveler’s motoring writer Alexandra Cheney takes you on a journey through the best luxury cars on the market at the moment, from state-of-the-art hypercars to the most spacious sedans. Undoubtedly, the premium luxury segment is in a decisive moment. Stricter global emissions standards continue to force automotive manufacturers to refocus their research and design energies into electric and fuel […]

Belmond Reveals Three New VSOE Grand Suites

By Alex Martin

Belmond has announced plans to introduce three new Grand Suites to the legendary Venice Simplon-Orient-Express (VSOE) in time for the 2020 season. The new suites have been named Vienna, Prague and Budapest in honor of three iconic European cities that the train visits on its way from London to Venice each year. Launching in time for the first journey of the […]

Audi A8 Review: A Sedan Tailored to You

By Alexandra Cheney

The browns, greens and blacks of the layered hills and coast-hugging roads of Big Sur brilliantly offset the deep blues and bright whites of the vast Pacific Ocean and its crashing waves. It’s a familiar scene to those acquainted with California’s Central Coast, as much a state of mind as a locale. Enter the A8, Audi’s flagship sedan, which matches […]

Explore London by Supercar with The Lanesborough

By Alex Martin

The Lanesborough hotel has acquired some of the most beautiful supercars in the world to allow guests to explore London in serious style. Already one of the most luxurious hotels in the city, The Lanesborough has purchased a selection of Ferraris, McLarens, Rolls Royces and Lamborghinis to further enhance its add-on experiences for guests. Those staying in the Royal, Presidential […]

How Jetcraft Predicted the Pre-owned Private Jet Boom

By Elite Traveler

When the singer Drake bought himself a flashy new plane recently, (a 767 300F), he boldly declared “No rental, no timeshare, no co-owners,” of his newest acquisition.  Interestingly though, he opted for pre-owned instead of new. Christened Air Drake, it’s a 22.7-year-old jet that formerly served as part of Saudi Arabia-based charter airline Mid East Jet’s fleet. Drake is absolutely […]

XOJet Announces Partnership with Merriman’s Restaurants

By Emma Reynolds

XOJet, North America’s leading on-demand private aviation platform, recently announced its first culinary partnership with Hawaiian restaurant group, Merriman’s Restaurants. The upscale restaurant has the freshest ingredients, from seafood to exotic fruit to vegetables. There are restaurants in Honolulu; Kapalua, Maui; Waimea on the Big Island; and two outposts in Kauai: Fish House and Gourmet Pizza and Burgers. Founder and […]

AvYachts CEO Talks Unique Yacht Sharing Program

By Emma Reynolds

Similar to how you’d purchase fractional ownership shares for a jet, AvYachts yacht sharing program is one of the only yacht companies who has introduced the concept of fractional yacht ownership to the public in a seamless manner. Fractional ownership is beneficial because you only pay for the weeks that you use it (compared to traditional ownership where the boat is […]

McLaren Speedtail: The Customizable Hypercar

By Alexandra Cheney

Words like sleek, stunning and extraordinary come easily to the lips of those viewing Speedtail, McLaren’s low-drag, 1,035-horsepower, gas-electric hybrid powertrain Ultimate Series vehicle. Its list of lengthy superlatives include: first-ever Hyper-GT and most aerodynamically efficient, perfectly symmetrical and fastest-accelerating McLaren. A proclamation: The Speedtail is a testament to the current and future technological accomplishments at McLaren. Speedtail clocks zero […]

Waldorf Astoria and Aston Martin Launch Glamping at Le Mans

By Alex Martin

Aston Martin and Waldorf Astoria are teaming up to offer an all-new glamping experience at this year’s 24 Hours in Le Mans race. The new site, previously managed by Aston Martin alone, is the most exciting project yet from the two luxury brands, that began a four-year global partnership last December. Keen to make an impression in its first year […]