From molecular gastronomy to the classic coq au vin, elite dining is one of the biggest joys of a private jet lifestyle. Join us as we explore the world’s best restaurants.


The 13 Best Restaurants in Dubai

By Lauren Hill

When it comes to deciding where to eat, in Dubai, the restaurants offerings are almost too varied to imagine. Dubai’s best restaurants serve virtually every national cuisine from around the world, including many specializing in Dubai’s own Arabic delights. While there is yet to be a Michelin-starred restaurant in Dubai, the city compensates for its lack of guide by importing chefs […]

The 11 Best Restaurants in Stockholm

By Will Grice

Stockholm offers the culinary connoisseur a surprising variety of traditional and modern cuisine. Fresh ingredients have always been native to Swedish cuisine and seafood is a special delicacy in Stockholm, where its impossible to ignore the fruits of the Baltic Sea. This section features a collection of award-winning, popular and astonishing restaurants. Take your pick. Ekstedt With no traditional ovens […]

Le Rouge

The 8 Best Restaurants in Kuala Lumpur

By Will Grice

Being the cultural melting pot that it is, Kuala Lumpur contains a wide variety of dining options. Award-winning restaurants offer a wide selection of cuisines from French, Italian and Pan- Asian as well as traditional, mouthwatering Malay dishes, below Elite Traveler will guide you through the eight best restaurants in Kuala Lumpur. If you’re not familiar with Malaysian cuisine, it bears a […]

The 5 Best Rooftop Bars in Tokyo

To see the captivating view of this dynamic city’s skyline with a well-crafted cocktail in hand, pay a visit to Tokyo’s most outstanding sky-high venues. These are the five best rooftop bars in Tokyo. Sky Lounge Stellar Garden Located on floor 33 of the Prince Park Tower Tokyo hotel, this lounge and bar offers unparalleled views of Tokyo Tower and […]

Best Rooftop Bars in Tokyo

The 5 Best Rooftop Bars in London

Seek out each of these rooftop venues to find hidden gardens and some of the city’s most spectacular views. We take a look at the five best rooftop bars in London. The Berkeley, Knightsbridge While it’s not strictly a bar, this is one of the best rooftop spots to escape to in London. The Berkeley’s Health Club & Spa extends […]

The 5 Best Restaurants in Split

Celebrated for its historic architecture and idyllic setting on Croatia’s Dalmatian Coast, Split is filled with scenic dining spots, some of which showcase the region’s exceptional seafood and wine. To experience the best of this coastal town’s gastronomy, pay a visit to our pick of the best restaurants in Split. Zrno Soli Split In its setting within a marina, this […]

Best Restaurants in Split

The 5 Best Restaurants in Zagreb

The Croatian capital Zagreb isn’t just celebrated for its architectural and cultural appeal; the city also has a highly regarded food scene. For an introduction to the gastronomy here, seek out our pick of the best restaurants in Zagreb. Zinfandel’s Innovative and visually appealing fine dining plates and stylish surroundings within the Esplanade Hotel make this one of the most […]

Best Restaurants in Zagreb

The 5 Best Restaurants in Seville

Renowned for its lively tapas bars, flavorful cuisine and celebration of local ingredients, Seville has long been known for its food scene. To experience this food at its best in some of the city’s most vibrant locations, seek out our pick of the five best restaurants in Seville. Abantal The Michelin restaurant Abantal bases its culinary philosophy on Andalusian cooking […]

The 5 Best Restaurants in Marseille

In this port city of southern France, seafood plays an important role in the food scene, with a wealth of ingredients then being sourced from the surrounding land. Whether dining in the heart of the city or on the rocky shoreline, this culinary identity can be seen in restaurants helmed by world-class chefs. Experience this local flavor by seeking out […]

The 5 Best Restaurants in Genoa

An atmospheric port city of northwest Italy’s Liguria region, Genoa has an abundance of exceptional seafood as well as great culinary tradition. To taste some of the most outstanding food on offer here, seek out our pick of the best restaurants in Genoa. The Cook With revered chef Ivano Ricchebono behind the cuisine here, The Cook has been recognized with […]