From molecular gastronomy to the classic coq au vin, elite dining is one of the biggest joys of a private jet lifestyle. Join us as we explore the world’s best restaurants.

The Hidden Gems of London’s Dining Scene

By Andy Hayler

London has one of the most diverse food scenes in the world, with almost every style of cooking and nationality represented. It also has a hyperactive public relations industry, with seemingly every new restaurant opening breathlessly anticipated, slavishly reviewed and picked over by an army of bloggers, reviewers and journalists. In this febrile restaurant environment, are there any dusty corners […]

The Michelin Three Star Restaurants of Southern France

By Andy Hayler Southern France has a fine climate and a quintet of three Michelin star restaurants to match. Bras, situated in an insect-like modern building clinging to a remote hilltop on the Massif Central, is home to the father and son team of Michel and Sebastian Bras. Michel Bras was named the most influential chef in the world in […]

Andy Hayler on the Cuisine of Athens

By Andy Hayler Athens is the cradle of western civilization. The iconic rock of Acropolis on which the Parthenon stands, dominating the city, was the site of the first settlement here as far back as 3,000 BC. The history of food in Athens is also lengthy, drawing in influences around Greece, from the hearty stews of Epirus to the rustic […]

Lyon: The Food Capital of France?

By Andy Hayler The obvious city associated with French food is Paris, but if you ask a French person what the capital of cuisine is in their country and they will usually point to the much less well-known city of Lyon.  The third largest city in France, Lyon is at the junction of the Rhone and Saone rivers, and so […]

Andy Hayler on What Makes a Great Restaurant

By Andy Hayler This story originally appeared in the May/June 2017 issue of Elite Traveler. Food, of course, is a key part of the ingredients that make up an outstanding place to eat, but atmosphere and service are important, too—as is a wonderful view, inside or out. There is no shortage of restaurants: London alone has around 20,000, while Tokyo […]

Chefs of the Decade – Italy

By Andy Hayler Past Decade Massimo Bottura There is little doubt that Massimo Bottura has a global influence. The articulate chef with an interest in art conjures up modern interpretations of Italian food from his 3 star Michelin restaurant Osteria Francescana in Modena, and in 2016 was ranked number 1 worldwide on the “Top 50 Restaurants list”. Pino Cuttaia Head […]

Chefs of the Decade – Germany

By Andy Hayler Past Decade Harald Wohlfhart The head chef of legendary Schwarzwaldstube in the Black Forest, Harold Wohlfhart not only has held three Michelin stars for decades, but half a dozen chefs who trained with him have gained 3 stars in their own right. Heinz Winkler At one time the youngest ever 3 star Michelin chef at the age […]

Germany – The Most Underrated Fine Dining Country

When you ask someone about which countries they associate with high end dining they will usually respond “France”. Widely traveled ones will add Japan to that, and then ponder as to their next choice – should it be Spain, Italy, somewhere Scandinavian, Peru, the USA or even, whisper it, the UK? They will almost never name Germany in their list, […]

Andy Hayler Reviews Combal Zero

Combal Zero is set in a wing of Rivoli’s castle, which is so old that its original date of building is unclear, but was probably in the 10th century. Combal Zero currently has a single star in the Michelin guide, though for several years it held two, losing the second star in the 2016 guide. Combal Zero is known for […]

Andy Hayler Reviews Hedone

By Andy Hayler Editor’s note: since October 2015 onwards Hedone offers a choice of two tasting menus only, with a restricted number of covers (22) in order to allow the kitchen to focus to an ever greater extent on quality. Dinner will be offered from Tuesday to Saturday, lunch on Saturday only. The tasting menu is £85, the longer catre […]