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From molecular gastronomy to the classic coq au vin, elite dining is one of the biggest joys of a private jet lifestyle. Join us as we explore the world’s best restaurants.

The World’s Best New Restaurants for February

By Alex Martin

Following a holiday break, Elite Traveler returns for 2020 with a list of the best new restaurants for February. In this latest edition, we travel to New York, Aspen and Chicago before flying across the Atlantic to check out some exciting new concepts in London. With the start of the new decade, a number of chefs have broken free from […]

Michelin Star Recipes You Can Make at Home

By Alex Martin

The Covid-19 crisis has struck the restaurant industry harder than most. All over the world, chefs have been forced to close their doors with no indication of when they might be able to reopen again. It may be a while before we can get our fine-dining fix, but take advantage of the extra time indoors by attempting to emulate your […]

Visit the World’s Best Distilleries in a Single Trip in 2021

By Samantha Coles

One of the most illuminating (and fun) ways to truly experience a destination is through its food and drink. Embark on an eight-country, 15-day journey with TCS World Travel and uncover the best delicacies and distilleries at every turn. The tour begins in Kentucky — aka bourbon country — where you’ll meet fellow guests for a welcome dinner and try […]

Two Extraordinary Examples of Cognac-Finished Whisky

By Emma Reynolds

Cognac and whisky creators were once so far apart in their thinking that drinkers would rarely cross from one side to the other, if ever. Today, those same makers are working together to create new and exciting creations. Here, we take a look at two examples of cognac-finished whisky that bring the best of both worlds together in one extraordinary […]

Michelin Star Cookbooks from the World’s Best Restaurants

By Alex Martin

The world’s best restaurants are not immune to the ongoing coronavirus crisis. Every restaurant, from the most esteemed institution to your local pizzeria, has had to close to combat the spread of Covid-19. With more time indoors than ever, many of us are taking the opportunity to refine our skills in the kitchen. While you may never earn your own […]

Cocktail of the Week: Bergamot Pisco Sour from Benno

By Emma Reynolds

Bergamot Pisco Sour from Benno Restaurant in New York City 1 part Barsol Pisco Italiano Verde Lime juice Egg white After being opened for less than a year, Benno restaurant in New York City was recently awarded one Michelin star within the Michelin Guide 2020. The restaurant, helmed by chef Jonathan Benno (who has previously worked at Per Se and […]

New York’s Best Chefs Launch Funds for Furloughed Employees

By Alex Martin

Some of New York’s best chefs have responded to the ongoing Covid-19 crisis by setting up funds to support the employees who effectively lost their incomes overnight when the city was locked down. New York is the center of America’s coronavirus outbreak and all restaurants and bars will be closed for the foreseeable future. It leaves tens of thousands of […]

Bacardi Commits $3 Million to Restaurant and Bar Industries

By Emma Reynolds

In the wake of Covid-19, Bacardi Limited is committing $3 million in financial aid to the restaurant and bar industries as part of their new initiative, #RaiseYourSpirits. Hundreds of thousands of restaurants and bars around the world have shut down due to the global coronavirus pandemic, affecting owners, staff and patrons overnight. Bacardi Limited, the largest privately held spirits in […]

The Fine Dining Restaurants Delivering in London

By Alex Martin

Movement within London has been severely restricted due to the coronavirus Covid-19. People are now only allowed to leave their homes for very specific reasons and dining out on the town is not one of them. Restaurants and bars have been forced to close, but many have turned to delivery services in an effort to keep their businesses alive. With […]

The Best Fine-Dining Delivery Services in New York

By Emma Reynolds

As the Covid-19 crisis upheaves our daily lives, many restaurants have been forced to temporarily close, uncertain of their future. Because many of these small businesses operate on such thin margins, companies are relying on delivery services (so you can practice social distancing but still enjoy your favorite dishes) to keep their businesses afloat. Even fine-dining restaurants, who may have […]

Cocktail of the Week: Cincoro Tequila Margarita

By Emma Reynolds

Cincoro Tequila Margarita 2oz Cincoro Blanco Tequila 1oz fresh lime juice 3/4oz Cointreau 1/4oz agave nectar To make, shake all ingredients in a cocktail shaker with ice, and straight over a double old-fashioned glass with fresh ice. Garnish with a lime wheel if desired and add salt along the rim. Although we might not be able to leave our houses […]