McLaren to Help Produce Ventilators in Covid-19 Battle

By Alex Martin

The three arms of the McLaren Group has committed to playing a major role in a monumental effort to produce ventilators for UK hospitals and aid its battle against the Covid-19 pandemic. With the number of people requiring ventilators going up by the day, there is an expectation that UK hospitals will eventually run out of ventilators unless urgent action […]

McLaren ventilators

Recreate a Monte-Carlo Vacation at Home in Five Steps

By Alex Martin

At this time of year, in normal times, thousands of people would be planning their trip to the French Riviera. The beautiful stretch of coastline is at its best in spring, but this year the bustling strips of Monaco and Saint Tropez will more more-or-less deserted. If your Monte-Carlo vacation has been canceled due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Monte-Carlo Société […]

Sebastian Copeland on the Antarctic Climate Crisis

By Roberta Naas

He went from being a director of music videos and a celebrity photographer to becoming one of the most renowned and record-setting polar explorers of our day. Sebastian Copeland is also an award-winning nature photographer and activist who fights to bring awareness of the climate crisis to the forefront. Here, he shares his stories with Roberta Naas. Some might call […]

Hedonism Wines Launches Virtual Wine Tasting Experience

By Alex Martin

Luxury wine retailer Hedonism Wines has gone virtual by offering its renowned tasting sessions from the comfort of your own homes. The London store has launched the offering in an effort to keep spirits high while the city remains on lockdown. Hedonism, which is located in Mayfair, is known for stocking some of the most precious wines and spirits in […]

Cocktail of the Week: Greenwich Village, Shoe Bar at Nordstrom

By Emma Reynolds

Greenwich Village cocktail at Shoe Bar at Nordstrom in New York .5 fl oz pear brandy .5 fl oz Domaine de Canton liqueur 1 scoop ice 5 fl oz prosecco 1 twisted lemon peel 1 sprig of fresh thyme To make Greenwich Village, add pear brandy, Domaine de Canton liqueur and ice to a pint glass. Cap and shake vigorously […]

The 10 Best Travel Shows to Stream Right Now

By Alex Martin

The Covid-19 pandemic has brought a near-total halt to the travel industry. Our vacations have been canceled, your vacations have been canceled and right now there is no telling when we might return to normal. However, thanks to the wonders of modern technology, we can traverse the globe from the safety of our own homes. From virtual museum tours to […]

The Most Beautiful Pieces of Blue Gemstone Jewelry

By Kristen Shirley & Emma Reynolds

Beloved by ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome, lapis lazuli is a stunningly bright, royal-blue gemstone said to encourage self-awareness, creativity and wisdom. It often contains flecks of pyrite that give it a brilliant golden sparkle. Above: Cartier Magnitude high-jewelry necklace in 18K yellow gold with a 15.48-carat yellow sapphire, 39 lapis lazuli beads, 12.55 carats yellow diamond, 7.58 carats diamond […]

The Most Exclusive Whiskies in the World

By Alex Martin

If the history of high-end whisky has been one of peaks and troughs, we are certainly living through the age of Everest. But even though demand is at an all-time high, distilleries cannot increase the supply of its most precious liquids. The only way to level the market has been to increase the price. Today, the oldest and rarest whiskies […]

Private Jet Operator flyExclusive on the Impacts of Covid-19

By Alex Martin

Private jet operator flyExclusive is expecting a surge in interest once the US wins the fight against the novel coronavirus Covid-19 and returns to normal, says executive vice president Allen Thomas. The private jet industry has experienced a peak in demand due to the near-total shutdown of commercial aviation. While the initial spike in inquiries has passed, Thomas believes there […]

The Luxury Shelters Designed for Covid-19 Quarantine

By Alex Martin

Swiss hotel brand Le Bijou has leveraged its state-of-the-art, fully automated accommodations to provide a safe environment for guests to self-isolate if they suspect they have contracted Covid-19. The Quarantine Apartments allow guests to live in complete isolation whilst enjoying many of the amenities and services of a luxury hotel. Each unit is completely automated and contains a private gym, […]

Luxury Shelters