Samantha Coles

Samantha Coles

Originally from Cardiff, Wales, Sam is based in Elite Traveler's London office having joined the team last year. Before this she was deputy editor of the PGA Tour Golf Guidein which the travel section sparked her love of all things exotic. She enjoys sports and spends as much time in the great outdoors as possible, preferably up a mountain.

Clare Smyth on Breaking Boundaries and Convention

By Samantha Coles

As the first female chef to work at Restaurant Gordon Ramsay (who famously ate his words when he said she wouldn’t last — the restaurant held three Michelin stars for a decade with her at the helm), an MBE, caterer to the Royal Wedding, and now owner of her own restaurant, Core, you’d think Clare Smyth would be used to […]

Yotha: The New On-Demand Yacht Charter Platform

By Samantha Coles

Chartering a private jet using an on-demand app or website is not a new concept, yet chartering a superyacht has historically been left to traditional methods (read: speaking to an actual human). Yotha is a new platform designed to change that and bring simplicity and transparency to the yacht chartering process. I boarded Philmx, Yotha founder and CEO Philippe Bacou’s […]

Spa of the Week: Vinothérapie Spa at Les Sources de Caudalie  

By Samantha Coles

The French paradox is one that we can most definitely get behind — it is the belief that the French diet and lifestyle is paramount to good health, despite what some other studies say (read: lots of cheese and wine is good for you). At Les Sources de Caudalie in Bordeaux, the French paradox is celebrated and upheld at every turn — especially at […]

Forage and Fire Itinerary at Fogo Island Inn

By Samantha Coles

Fogo Island Inn is a favorite of intrepid travelers (and a regular entry in Elite Traveler’s Top Hotels). As the name suggests, it is located on Fogo Island, the largest of the offshore islands of Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada. Its striking architecture and remote location (“an island off an island”) make for an unforgettable experience. The modern structure has 29 guestrooms with dramatic floor-to-ceiling windows that bring in […]

The Best Anti-Pollution Facials

By Samantha Coles

Pollution can wreak havoc on skin. It can cause uneven skin tone, blemishes, breakouts, clogged pores, and accelerates the ageing process. As pollution particles are so minuscule, they can penetrate the deeper layers of the skin and have a damaging effect on lipid and collagen levels. It’s hard to avoid if you’re a city dweller, and no matter how vigorous […]

Kachi Lodge Opens on Bolivian Salt Flats

By Samantha Coles

The Uyuni Salt Flats of Bolivia are a mesmerizing, otherworldly landscape, and one of those places you just have to see for yourself. In the past, you could see this unusual expanse of land on a temporary camping trip, but now there’s a more permanent option: Kachi Lodge. Opened this spring, this is not the type of accommodation where you’ll […]

Chocolate Heaven at The Gherkin with Master Chocolatier William Curley

High up on the 39th floor in London’s Gherkin skyscraper, you’ll find The Helix Restaurant. Named for the latticed architecture, the domed structure has excellent 360-degree views over the city and is the setting for a sophisticated but fun new partnership between Helix and William Curley, master chocolatier.   As Easter is very nearly upon us, a tasting menu is available at the restaurant until […]

Experience Full Moon Yoga at Four Seasons Bali

By Samantha Coles

There’s something magical about a full moon, and this illuminating lunar phase has inspired myths and legends for centuries. The full moon is a sacred day in Bali (known as purnama) as Balinese Hindus pay homage to ancestral gods and show gratitude for their protection with offerings of fruit and flowers. They also consider the full moon as a time […]

Elite Review: Beaverbrook Hotel & Spa

Just under an hour outside of London, Beaverbrook Hotel & Spa is surrounded by 470 acres of rolling hills, perfectly manicured grounds, pretty gardens and ponds. Despite its proximity to the city, it feels wonderfully cut-off and remote. The main house (known simply as The House) has just eighteen guest rooms and makes an impact when you enter: the reception is off to the […]

Elite Traveler Spring 2019

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