Andy Hayler

Andy Hayler

Andy Hayler is an author, public speaker, occasional broadcaster and restaurant critic. He is the only person to have eaten at every three star Michelin restaurant in the world, most recently in 2016. His website, set up in 1994, is the oldest running restaurant review website on the planet, with reviews of over 1,600 restaurants from around the world.

The Best Michelin Star Restaurants in Paris with Andy Hayler

By Andy Hayler

Paris has always been associated with fine dining ever since the French revolution in the late 18th Century meant that the chefs of aristocratic households suddenly had to find a new job.  Currently, with no less than nine three Michelin star restaurants in Paris, the city has plenty to offer those who love and can afford to eat in the […]

Andy Hayler’s Guide to the Best Italian Restaurants in London

By Andy Hayler

Italian food is deeply embedded in the London restaurant scene, ever since Italians emigrated in the 19th century and established an initial thriving community in Clerkenwell. These days there are around two thousand Italian restaurants in London, and more than three thousand places if you include pizzerias. At the high end of the spectrum, there are three restaurants anointed with […]

The Best Restaurants in the Cote d’Azur

By Andy Hayler

The Cote d’Azur is loosely defined, as befits an area synonymous with relaxation. The French Mediterranean coastline stretching from the border with Italy across to Toulon is blessed with beautiful beaches, a fine climate and some spectacular views out over the water. It is also home to numerous high-end restaurants, many of them with glorious natural settings. Just on the […]

Why Wine Tastes Different on Airplanes

By Andy Hayler

To celebrate the launch of our first annual Top Jets in the World feature, we are republishing the best aviation content from our archive. The following article was oroginally published in December 2018. The readers of Elite Traveler spend a lot of time in the sky, so may have noticed that a fine vintage can taste completely different at altitude. […]

Wine on Airplanes

The Best Restaurants in Lyon with Andy Hayler

By Andy Hayler

At the end of the movie ‘Casablanca’, Humphrey Bogart’s character Rick says “We’ll always have Paris” to Ingrid Berman’s Ilsa. Paris may have the monopoly on romance in the media, but in France the true culinary heart of the country lies to the east of the country, in Lyon. As far back as 1935 the famous French food critic Curnonsky […]

The Best Fine Dining Restaurants in Germany

By Andy Hayler

When most people think of high-end restaurants they imagine a grand dining room in Paris, or possibly an exquisite kaiseki banquet in Kyoto. But a list of the best restaurants in Germany reads like as who’s who in fine dining. The country boasts 10 three-Michelin-star restaurants, as many as Italy and more than the UK and Scandinavia combined. These establishments […]

The Best Sunday Roasts in London

A Sunday roast is one of Britain’s great culinary traditions, with the practice of eating roast beef so longstanding that as far back at the 18th century the French were mocking the English as “les rosbifs”. In times gone by, families would eat a meat-based meal on Sunday after church, and although the religious connotations have faded, the Sunday lunch […]

Six of the Best English Country House Restaurants

There is something special about a grand English country house restaurant on a summer’s day. For a variety of reasons, England has preserved more of its grand aristocratic houses than most. Some of them have been converted into restaurants or hotels, where you can eat like a lord. Here are six of the very best that you can take a […]

The Most Influential Restaurant Dishes Ever with Andy Hayler

There are some restaurant dishes that not only taste good, but cause ripples around the culinary world. They are so striking that they are copied, adapted and tweaked by other chefs. For this list of most influential restaurant dishes ever, I have tried to restrict my selection to five, and so have to miss out many plausible candidates. These include […]

Most Influential Restaurant Dishes

Five Best Restaurants in the World with Andy Hayler

By Andy Hayler

I am often asked what the best restaurants in the world are. There can be no definitive answer to this, but I can tell you my five favorites. Schwarzwaldstube There are few prettier places to visit than the Black Forest, and near the top of a pine tree-covered valley there is Schwarzwaldstube, the most influential restaurant in Germany. This has […]