Richard Mille RM39-01 Captures Aviation Tradition in Modern Package

By Tatiana Makarevich

RM39-01 Automatic Aviation E6-B

RM39-01 Automatic Aviation E6-B

The new RM39-01 Automatic Aviation E6-B is a perfect demonstration of Richard Mille’s drive to create fully wearable technical marvels.

RM39-01 is a contemporary interpretation of a traditional tool used by experienced pilots, the E6B slide rule, which was first invented in the 1930s by United States Naval Lieutenant Philip Dalton. Both a timepiece and a sophisticated flight navigation instrument, the RM39-01 is updated with is the array of functions such as UTC, countdown, a flyback chronograph, an oversized date at 12 o’clock, a month display and a variable geometry rotor. In addition, it is created from 62 jewels, nearly 620 components and features a power reserve of about 50 hours.

Ideal for pilots, the new caliber, by utilizing the fixed bezel and bi-directional rotating bezel, makes it possible to read and calculate fuel consumption, flight times, ground speed, density altitude and wind influence, as well as convert units of measurement quickly.

RM39-01 has also been powered by a special function-locking mechanism in order to prevent any accidental in-flight activation of the chronograph and is controlled via the locking crown which, by turning the ring, fixes the pushers and crown in place. The green and red markers indicate whether the lock has been activated or not.

RM39-01 is an over-the-top timepiece that confirms and symbolizes both Richard Mille’s forward-thinking creativity and mastery of watchmaking traditions.