Rediscover the Miracle of Flight with Empyrean’s Lindbergh Card

New York, New York—Reported by Elite Traveler, the private jet lifestyle magazine

Global charter specialist Air Charter Service’s new and exclusive jet card arm Empyrean rang in the festive season with the launch of the Lindbergh Card, making private travel even more convenient for avid jetsetters. The pre-paid card—named not for the pioneer who first flew solo across the Atlantic, but for his grandson Erik, a renowned aviator in his own right—allows holders to book a private flight on any of 50,000 aircraft around the world (from bizjets to helicopters to airliners for larger parties) with one phone call or e-mail to their personal account manager. Chris Leach, chairman and founder of Air Charter Service, calls it “total travel freedom,” adding that “it’s better than owning your own private jet.” Not to say you can’t do both, and have easy access to something bigger (or smaller) when you need it. Begin membership with a minimum $100,000 deposit, which will be held in an individual (and fully refundable) trust account, and fly assured (in a matter of hours, or even minutes), as you’ll encounter no peak-day or region restrictions, expiration date, monthly management fees or fuel surcharges.