GREECE 365 Days a year: Greece in Autumn

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Mainland Greece – largely undiscovered by most visitors – offers several autumn and winter alternatives teeming with authenticity and local charm!


A destination in its own right, Thessaloniki boasts a world-class archaeological museum and 14 UNESCO World Heritage sites, including Roman, Byzantine, and Ottoman treasures. A great city to explore on foot, it is also home to the sprawling food markets of Modiano and Kapani, the Kastra district with its centuries-old houses, a cosmopolitan seaside promenade, as well as fine shopping and dining. [All year round flights to Thessaloniki] For more information:


–       Lake Kerkini

About 60 miles northeast of Thessaloniki, the National Park of Lake Kerkini provides a wonderful site for birding. There are more than 300 recorded bird species, including the Dalmatian Pelican, as well as water buffalos. For more information:

–       Vergina

About 50 miles southwest of Thessaloniki lays Vergina, once the ancient city of Aigai and home to the tomb of Philip II, father of Alexander the Great. For more information:

–       Wine routes of Northern Greece

There are several wine routes in the region, such as the wine route of Naoussa teeming with places of great natural beauty and historical interest on the way, including Vergina, Veroia with its old districts, and Agios Nikolaos Park. For more information:

–       Mt Olympus

Just 57 miles from Thessaloniki and mythical home of the Greek gods, Mt Olympus offers some of the best walking routes in Greece ideal for all levels of ability and enthusiasm and several mountain retreats for overnight stays.  For more information:


With so many archaeological sites, such as ancient Corinth, ancient Epidaurus, ancient Mycenae, within short driving distance from Nafplio and such a charming character of its own, its no wonder this picturesque little town in northeastern Peloponnese is one of the favorite weekend hotspots of the Athenians. [All year round flights to Athens] For more information:


–       Nemea wine region

With some of the most renowned wineries in Greece, the vineyards of Nemea produce world class wines famous for their deep red color, complex aroma and long, velvety palate. For more information:


–       Mountainous Corinthia

Mostly famed for lake Stymphalia, where according to myth Hercules killed the Stymphalian Birds, the area also features artificial lake Doxa with its small island, and several picturesque villages, such as Trikala, perched high up in the mountains. For more information:;

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