Q&A with Matthew Robertson, Momentum Advneture

Image Credit: OZZO

Image Credit: OZZO

Momentum Adventure takes great pride in creating exciting, unique and fulfilling adventures – away from the generic tourist trail and off the beaten track.  From swimming with manta rays in Indonesia to riding dune buggies across Iceland, Momentum Adventure have done it all. Founder Matthew Robertson tells us more.

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It seems Momentum Adventure covers a huge range of countries from all four corners of the globe. How do you go about choosing them, and does the client always know what they want?

Interestingly, we have found that most people who come to us have no idea what they want to do. They’ll often say things like: “I was thinking about Iceland but I’m not sure. We just want to do something.”

We organically find out what makes the client tick through places they’ve already been to and through natural selection. We’ll think, OK, that worked, that didn’t work, this time of year is great. As I’m talking with the client, things drop off. We tell them to give us a couple of days and we’ll get a few things together and generally, that’s enough. We may give them something they’re not even remotely thinking about and they’ll say: “wow, that’s a great idea. I’d never thought of that. That sounds great, let’s do it!”

It’s brilliant and what we love doing – opening up the world to people who didn’t know it existed.

dsc00991How do you pair luxury and adventure together?

It can be rustic luxe and sometimes that’s enough. I did a trip recently to Iceland and we went in these dune buggies where Oblivion was filmed with Tom Cruise. Just incredible landscapes! At about 10 O’clock at night we pulled up to this research center where they monitor the volcanoes and all sorts of things. It’s got bunk beds in it and it’s very basic. But you know what? At the end of that day if you went to a five star hotel, it would kill the experience. You just get into your bed and it’s the comfiest bed in the world. To me, that’s luxury.

Other places, for instance, like in New Zealand – you can disappear to these remote places and set up these cabins that are just decked out and beautiful. They’re still rustic, but it’s clean, it’s comfortable and there’s a warm fire. Really, a lot of the time that’s all you need. It’s a delicate balance.


iceland-02266Have you noticed any specific trends within the travel industry?

Where I’ve seen trends – and I’d attribute this to the fact that it’s changing constantly – is the Arctic regions, Polar and Antarctica specifically. Places where people have a sense that it disappears. They want to be able to sample it.

Interestingly, depending on where you go and how deep you go into the Arctic, there are some good facilities there. You can still go to the Arctic and have a comfy bed. As you head to the North Pole or somewhere in between, it gets pretty remote. You’re limited to tents and things like that. I’ve definitely seen a push for the Arctic in a big way.

South America also seems to be coming up a lot. I think people have been going to South America for years, but it hasn’t been very developed at the high end level. We tried about five years ago and we could absolutely do it but it was pretty raw. It was fairly basic unless you go to the big cities. It is unbelievably beautiful and the people there are just so gorgeous, but it is very basic and very chilled. We can operate there and it can be a bit tricky, but I am fascinated by the place. We are getting new suppliers and we are launching a wonderful new trip in the Africana desert which is absolutely stunning so that will be good.

So I would say the Arctic and South America seem to be growing quite rapidly.