DeWitt: Master of innovation and reinvention


A descendant of Napoleon, Jérôme de Witt launched the DeWitt brand in 2003. An interest in collecting watches and a knack for business led de Witt to invest in a watch company that had recently lost its founder.

Rather than cutting his losses, de Witt took over the business in its entirety and his namesake brand was born. It didn’t take long for de Witt to find great success. Just two years after its launch as DeWitt, the brand was awarded the prize of innovation at the Grand Prix de Geneva in 2005 and currently has more than 80 points of sale on all continents. Originally manufactured in a small factory in Vandoeuvres, DeWitt moved production to the expansive Manufacture in Meyrin due to growth. In this workshop, each DeWitt watch is handcrafted and assembled by a single watchmaker, given ample time to make sure that each timepiece is perfectly constructed. The company explains its identity as having “a unique vision of luxury, daringly different and unconventional.” With a focus on innovation and reinvention, DeWitt continues to reinterpret its top-of-the-line luxury timepieces.

Vice President Jon Omer

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