Life As A Cafe Racer

image29The term “café racer” the story goes dates from the early 60s in Europe, mainly Italy, but also France and Britain and applies to light motorcycles designed for handling that were used for quick rides between coffee bars. 

Picture arriving at a café on a narrow cobblestone street, then leaving with the beautiful blonde who speaks a different language on the back.  Next stop?  Perhaps sharing a bottle of Pinot Gris on a hill overlooking Rome?

Enrico Margaritelli is a third generation Italian watchmaker.  His own successful career has included collaborations with Fossil and Giorgio Armani.  The brand he has launched ContaTempo Scuderia, or CT Scuderia is born from his belief “Italian design can only come from those who live and breathe the passion and style for flawless flare.”

Perhaps unsurprisingly Jay Leno, J Cole, Matt Harvey, Mike and Martellus Bennett and Eva Simmons have been seen aspiring to the café racer lifestyle since it does sound pretty good.  Margaritelli says, “The Italian essence of café racer style embodies this to perfection – the jacket, dress or leather, shoes – never boots, and sunglasses cohering into a singular personal, unique style – man atop machine, ready for the next curve in the road, the next café, the next stage of the long journey.”

The diverse collection, shown off last week at Ducati Triumph New York, includes watches that channel a stopwatch on leather strap and varies from black with racing stripe to bold yellow and red dials, hints of the red and green, and various perforated leather straps.  Watches are bold.  Numbers are clear and easy to read so you won’t be late for your next café stop. In a period when the pendulum has swung back to smaller and thinner cases, Scuderia at 44 mm offers elite travelers a big bold look that will get you noticed before you sit down.

The Scuderia price points which range up to $3,500 make the watch a great afternoon pick-up or perhaps the perfect gift for any friends and scions who want to follow in your footsteps as a bona fide café racer.