The Heirloom Collection from Jacqueline Diani

Jacqueline Diani introduces The Heirloom Collection, a line of refined jewels in platinum, diamonds and colored gemstones which, as the name suggests, are true treasures to be passed down from generation to generation.

This collection is an ongoing expression of her ideas and passion for the finest quality components and superb crafting techniques. Graceful and sophisticated as the femininity it evokes, the Heirloom Collection recalls various “golden ages” of jewelry craftsmanship like the Belle Epoque era with its rules of style, its Femmes Fatales and its uncompromising quest for the quality and flair of bygone times. For more than thirty years, Jacqueline has been making that vision come to life. Her Heirloom Collection creates perfect balance between past and present, delicate and flamboyant, simple and complex. It is this superb balance that makes Jacqueline’s jewelry eternal, defying all boundaries of time. Heirloom collection

In her collection of rings, Jacqueline combines the classicism of the past with a new twist and a most unique combination of colors. There is great versatility in her earring collection as well, whereby platinum and diamond floret earrings have interchangeable drops made of pearls, briolettes and pear-shaped diamonds which can be changed to match other pieces in the collection. Heirloom collection 3

Each piece is painstakingly handcrafted and can be customized to meet each clients needs and desires, thus making Jacqueline’s jewelry so uniquely special. Jacqueline’s Heirloom Collection is timeless and truly elegant.

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