Graham Goes To Battle

Swordfish, according to the dictionary, have evolved to be formidable predators with acute eyesight, flesh of white muscle that gives energy for bursts of activity that enable them to hunt their diet of fish and squid.


For watchmaker Graham, Swordfish was the name of one of its most popular timepieces, having gained the adoration of sport minded men and tapping into the trend of women wearing men’s watches.  The bold pieces created gained coverage across the watch press, and it seemed there were few limits.


Enter the nefarious counterfeit market.  Owner Eric Loth tells that initial flattery of being copied, turned into such treachery that he suspended the line.  However, as he traveled the world customers have kept asking him to bring it back.  Now he is battling back. During Swiss Watch by JCK in Las Vegas Loth told Elite Traveler 2015 will see the return of Graham’s swordfish, and he promises it will raise the level of his popular timepiece.


In the meantime, the Chronofighter Oversize Black Arrow collection “dressed” in a variety of military camouflage colors underscores Loth’s fighting spirit.  “Dedicated to action and courage,” Loth says after the launch in Basel in March he has been contacted by several military leaders who have asked him to present a custom collection exclusively for their officers.