Stefano Ricci’s Spring/Summer Collection

Stefano Ricci

Stefano Ricci’s Spring/Summer Collection is a Tribute to 40 years of Luxury Lifestyle.

Stefano Ricci’s new collection enwraps its wearer in the stories of great literature, from the euphoria of F. Scott Fitzgerald to the sense of adventure inherent in Hemingway. The collection was first presented in June on the occasion of the brand’s 40th Anniversary, at the first fashion show ever to be presented at the Uffizi Gallery in Florence. Ricci was inspired from the true sartorial elegance of 100% Made-in-Italy production, and the colours and forms of Africa.

Desirable designs include double-breasted jackets, fine cashmere-silk, soft crocodile leather jackets and vests, denim and luxurious sport-bags, and silk sportswear outfits. Models stepped out wearing black silk trousers and shirts, holding a limited edition crocodile bags with accessories in gold and diamonds, together with crocodile belts embellished by jewels, and precious cufflinks. The fashion show in June also featured an appearance from eight Maasai warriors, who flew from Tanzania to express their gratitude to Ricci and his family, who have been involved in extensive projects to protect the Maasailand region.