Kiton Warms Winter Chill With New Spring/Summer Collection

In 1995, Giovanna Paone, drawing upon the afternoon trips she took with her to mother to Naples’s Neapolitan Atelier to select the highest quality fabrics and designs for handmade lines, introduced the first Women’s Collection at Kiton.

Now, nearly two decades later, Paone has launched Kiton’s new spring/summer collection for 2013, designed for the eclectic woman who loves to play with styles and materials and dress with a touch of irony and sophistication.

Utilizing contrasts among proportions, transparencies, colors and fabrics and inspired by the designs of the great fashion illustrator Renè Gruau, the cashmere coat features wide Kimono sleeves that accentuate a tapered waist line highlighted by pleats and folds. Small jackets—extra lightweight and made from printed and reversible nylon to generate a retro-urban look—are worn with drainpipe trousers while the suede suits are made even more striking with splashes of Duchesse silk.

The Kiton evening is characterized by long, soft dresses made of printed chiffon in sorbet shades, creating a Maiolica effect that pairs perfectly with Kiton’s tailoring icon: the male-cut jacket. Single or double breasted, the jacket is an essential component of any woman’s wardrobe and is designed with personalization in mind, offering a wide range of wefts, colours, finishes and details that combine to create a garment with timeless charm.

The Kiton collection is developed via the implementation of cutting edge techniques—like needle punching, a special embroidery technique that combines lace with cashmere, transforming it into a single yarn—that complement the mixture of materials, designs, patterns, colors and wefts, to near perfection.

In this way Kiton’s spring/summer 2013 collection pays homage to the contemporary, cosmopolitan and independent woman via a collection that showcases the elegance that fabrics and threads posses in the hands of the true tailoring skill that weaves throughout every Kiton garment.