Artist Gary Baseman Partners with Lladro for The Guest collection

The Guest by Gary Baseman

The Guest by Gary Baseman

By Sahar Khan

Multi-platform artist Gary Baseman has collaborated with porcelain specialists Lladró Atelier on The Guest collection.

The Spanish brand’s ongoing project invites international artists to create a distinctive personality for a fantastical character conceived for Lladró by Spanish artist Jaime Hayon, Baseman is the latest in a long list of creative minds, including Tim Biskup and Japanese studio Devilrobots, that have used their imaginations to mold the precious material into whimsical, wondrous creations. California-based Baseman, an award-winning painter, illustrator, performance artist, animator and producer, infused his subversive energy into Hayon’s original toy-like creature, turning him into two foreboding yet playful forms with sexual undercurrents. The mischievous set of sculptures is limited to 250 units of the larger figure and a numbered series of the smaller statuette.