TAKE THREE/// Ultimate RVs

This story originally appeared in the March/April 2017 issue of Elite Traveler.

Bliss Mobil Mercedes-Benz Zetros 6×6

When it comes to long-distance travel, not everyone is content to stick to the paved freeway. Enter Bliss Mobil, the Netherlands-based outfit that builds the ultimate in off-road-capable RVs. These are available in a variety of chassis options – ranging from an 11ft Unimog, up to the monstrous six wheeled Mercedes-Benz Zetros seen here. While their interiors are a little more spartan than our two other offerings, the Zetros are engineered to tackle the harshest conditions on earth and can pack enough resources to sustain travelers for up to 90 days completely off the grid.

From $200,000,

Bliss Mobil Mercedes-Benz

Featherlite Prevost Vantaré H3-45-S2

The Prevost bus chassis conversion is always the name of the game for North American RVs, and Featherlite is a leader in the category. At a whopping 45ft long and using numerous slide-outs, the Prevost conversions can offer more square footage than your average New York studio apartment. Fully customizable, these three-axle diesel behemoths can quite easily crack the $2m benchmark, depending on how they’re configured.

From$1.9m, Mark Eisenhart,,

VarioMobil Perfect 1200 Platinum

Germany-based company Vario has been around since 1985, but what really set it apart was an early innovation in 1990 that saw it include an on-board garage in the structure of its über-luxe motorhomes. Vario’s latest top-tier model is based on a Mercedes Diesel chassis, and this triple-axle beast can be clad in just about any exotic woods and fine leathers your heart desires.

From $1.2m,