Gulfstream Launches Gulfstream Portfolio Collection

Gulfstream_Portfolio_Collection_Gulfstream Aerospace Corp.’s Product Support organization has created the company’s first private label for cabin interior refurbishments.

The Gulfstream Portfolio Collection is a carefully curated collection of in-stock fabrics, leathers and carpets that shortens the lead time and cost for interior refurbishments.

“We’ve assembled a first-rate collection of more than 100 fabrics, 25 carpets and 25 leathers to address the most frequently refreshed items in the cabin: the headliner, upper and lower sidewalls, seating and flooring,” said Mike West, vice president, Product Support Sales and New Business Development, Gulfstream.

“This is a win-win for customers. The extensive selection offers the ability to customize the interiors while at the same time ensuring we have the products ready for use. This will considerably shorten the lead time and cost for interior refurbishments.”

For customers interested in further streamlining the decision-making process, the collection includes three color palettes: beige, tan and taupe. Additional customization is available within those schemes.

“Even with customization, the lead time to receive Portfolio Collection materials is much less than it would be for our open-stock options,” West said.

“For example, if a customer chooses one of the loop or cut-pile carpets from the three color palettes, we could have it in the next day compared to a minimum of three or four weeks for a basic open-stock selection.

“If they opt to customize their carpet with one of the standard patterns from the three color palettes, we can have the carpet delivered in three to four weeks compared to the usual eight to 10 weeks. We also offer 150 custom colors within this program and can have them in stock for the customer in four to six weeks compared to the traditional 12.”

Gulfstream Product Support designers leveraged their decades of experience to hand-select a collection of colors, textiles and patterns with Product Support customers in mind.

They worked closely with three of Gulfstream’s top vendors, who are required to maintain a one-aircraft inventory of the Portfolio Collection materials at all times to ensure availability, material consistency, reduced costs and faster turnaround times.