Stephen Webster, Founder, Stephen Webster

simon webster3Stephen Webster is the founder of his eponymous global luxury jewelry brand, Stephen Webster, which has stores in London, Beverly Hills, Moscow, St Petersburg, Kiev and Vienna. He talks to Elite Traveler about his business’s presence in Asia and celebrity clients.

Elite Traveler:  What is Stephen Webster doing in Asia?

Stephen Webster: I don’t think we are doing enough in Asia actually. Our business has been booming in the past 14 years. The United States absorbed us, and we exploded in the Russian market. We are opening a new boutique in Baco in February 2015.

Although I think we are doing a good job of expanding, we need to do more in Asia. Last year we were commissioned to design the jewellery for the James Bond movie Skyfall, which was under the license of Swarovski but designed by Stephen Webster.  This job was something of a can opener to Asia, and it was our first time here. We are confident we have a chance here.

Our provocative style, edgy and beautifully made jewelry is what makes us the sophisticated brand that is quite different from the rest.

ET: You have had many celebrities wearing your jewellery. Can you name a few?

SW: We have had a lot of celebrity clients, yes. The ones who put us on the map are Madonna, Jennifer Lopez, Christina Aguilera and Aussie Osbourne to name a few.  The younger celebrity crowd have also taken interest, like Beyoncé, Miley Cyrus and Nicole Scherzinger.

ET: Was the jewellery designed for Beyoncé? 

SW: No, she just bought it from our shop in the Hamptons.  For example in the new Hunger Games film they use our jewellery.  Similar to the Bond movie, which was iconic for us, The Hunger Games cast wears our jewellery too. This has been very exciting and immensely beneficial for us.

ET: How would someone in Asia get hold of Stephen Webster jewellery?

SW: We are available in Lane Crawford in Hong Kong at the moment.

ET: We are confident that your brand will do very well in Asia. We wish you every success and look forward to seeing what you do next.