Restaurant De L’Hotel De Ville
Standout Dish: Yellow and Brown Wild Morels from the Auvergne Mountains with a Meadow Mushroom Jus
Last Year's Position: #73
Michelin Stars: 3
Head Chef: Benoît Violier
Address: 1, Rue d’Yverdon, CH-1023 Crissier, Switzerland
Phone:+41 21 634 05 05

Set in the pretty village of Crissier, L’Hôtel de Ville represents for many the pinnacle of gourmet dining, with stunningly presented dishes and increasingly creative flavor combinations.

Long-serving chef Philippe Rochat handed the reins over in 2013 to Benoît Violier, whose passion for hunting has made him one of Europe’s top game specialists, and a worthy successor to Rochat.

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