Pujol credit_Fiamma Piacentini resizedCuisine: Contemporary Mexican

One of the best restaurants in Mexico, Pujol has been topping restaurant lists and gracing food magazines the world over.

Catapulting Mexican haute cuisine into the spotlight, chef and founder Enrique Olvera deconstructs the market stall dishes for which Mexico is famed and takes them to the highest level of fine dining.

Combining local ingredients and modern techniques with often unusual flavors and textures, Olvera creates original dishes which demonstrate the rich cultural legacy of the country.

(Image Credit: Fiamma Piacentini)

Executive Chef/Owner: Enrique Olvera

Public relations: Patricia Hern√°ndez Meza

+ 52 55 5545 3507 / 4111

Petrarca 254 Colonia Polanco 11550 Mexico