Tasting Room at Le Quartier Français
Standout Dish: Pepe Charlot Bouche Affinee, Fermented Turnip, Linseed Cracker, Smoked Honey
Last Year's Position: #82
Head Chef: Margot Janse
Address: Cnr Berg & Wilhelmina Streets Franschhoek, Western Cape, 7690, South Africa
Phone:0027 21 876 2151

In a world dominated by male chefs, Margot Janse’s refined-yet-exhilarating cuisine brings a distinctly feminine touch to the gourmet scene.

An exclusive boutique hotel in the Cape winelands is the stage on which Janse performs her culinary theater, providing innovative, African-inspired dishes. Unafraid to experiment with textures and flavors, the kitchen of the Tasting Room is bursting with creative energy and is one of the reasons why Franschhoek has become South Africa’s gastronomic capital.

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