le calandre restaurantCuisine: Contemporary Italian

Signature dishes: Cuttlefish cappuccino; crispy cannelloni with buffalo’s milk ricotta and mozzarella and tomato sauce; saffron and licorice risotto; hand-chopped raw Piemontese beef with black truffles; roast suckling pig with coffee powder

Quietly sophisticated, the informal atmosphere of this contemporary restaurant has made it a worldwide success. Signature Veneto recipes have been cultivated into sublime dishes in the hands of Massimiliano Alajmo who, when he was 28, became the youngest chef in history to win three Michelin stars. Meticulous and daring, Massimiliano’s creations embody the energy of modern Italy.

Andy Hayler Favorite:

“Even with top three star restaurants, it is normal for there to be some dips in the standard of dishes. At Le Calandre, the meal started off on a very high note and never looked back. I cannot say which dish I liked the most: the langoustines, the sublime risotto, the suckling pig, or the best tiramisu I can recall. Dishes were often surprisingly simple, using quality produce and produced with faultless technique. It was nice to see the head chef pop out of the kitchen occasionally to greet his customers, just as he did on my previous visit. This is truly a restaurant at the pinnacle of culinary achievement.”

Head Chef: Massimiliano Alajmo

+39 (0) 49 630 303

Via Liguria 1, 35030 Sarmeola di Rubano, Italy


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