Le BernardinCuisine: Seafood

Possibly the world’s greatest seafood restaurant, Le Bernardin is a shining example of the power of elegance, simplicity and refinement.

Headed up by French maestro Eric Ripert since 1994, it offers a delectable menu of underwater delights, from baked red snapper to wild striped bass and Kingfish caviar to sautéed langoustine, paired to perfection with delicate complementary flavors from around the globe.

Exemplary old world service and an informal lounge with a separate menu and casual walk-in policy further add to this iconic institution’s perpetual charms.

(Image Credit: Daniel Krieger)

Executive Chef: Eric Ripert

Executive Chef: Chris Muller

+1 212 554 1515


155 West 51st Street, New York 10019, USA

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