El Celler de Can RocaCuisine: Caledonian/Creative

Serving exquisite Catalonian cuisine with an avant-garde twist, El Celler De Can Roca is a family restaurant with a difference.

Roca brothersĀ Joan and Josep opened El Celler next to their parent’s restaurant in 1986, with younger sibling Jordi – a talented pastry chef – joining them in more recent decades.

Three ‘Roca’ rocks on each table symbolize the brother’s strong bond, which has allowed them to create a dining experience of the highest order.

Head chef Joan is a highly skilled technician who pioneered theĀ sous-vide cooking method, while Josep is the restaurant’s knowledgeable sommelier – with some 60,000 bottles located in the restaurant’s extensive wine cellar.

From caramelized olives stuffed with anchovies hanging from a ‘bonsai’ tree to ‘white asparagus and truffle Viennetta’, every surrealist dish on the menu here is set to astound and delight.

Head Chef: Joan Roca

+34 972 222 157

Can Sunyer, 48 17007 Girona, Spain


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