Ravioli Di Branzino, Dal Pescatore

Cuisine: Italian

Signature dishes: Tortelli with pumpkin and parmigiano reggiano; risotto with pistils of saffron and artichoke; ravioli with sea bass

This family-run restaurant has excelled far beyond its humble beginnings in 1925 to become a world-renowned, three-Michelin-star restaurant and a bastion of Italian cuisine and culture. In the kitchen, Nadia and Giovanni Santini perform a balancing act between traditional, age-old recipes and their own innovative culinary expressions.

Located in an elegant country house within the nature reserve of the Oglio Sud Park, Dal Pescatore provides a gastronomic wonderland of the highest caliber.


Head Chefs: Nadia and Giovanni Santini

+39 0376 723001

Località Runate 15, 46013 Canneto Sull’Oglio, Mantova, Italy


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