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Spearheaded by master molecular gastronomist Grant Achatz, Alinea is widely considered to be in a class of its own when it comes to avant-garde fine dining.

Almost nine years after bursting onto Chicago’s restaurant scene, the award-winning venue is still wowing diners with its wonderful creations, which most recently include the ‘balloon, helium, green apple’.

Chicago’s only three Michelin star restaurant, Alinea combines food with science and art to offer a dining experience that is like no other. An 18-course tasting menu, which delights all of the senses with perfect bites of experimental cuisine, shows just why Alinea has made this city an international foodie destination.

Andy Hayler Favorite:

“Alinea is situated in an unprepossessing grey town house in the north of Chicago. Walking down an eerily lit corridor, a door silently slides open on your left and you enter the dining room, with the kitchen on full display. There is no menu choice, just a 25-course tasting menu offering an innovative and exceptionally precise balance of flavors. Sudden bursts of theatricality include a dessert ‘painted’ onto the tablecloth by two chefs. Although molecular gastronomy is not my preferred style of food, it is impossible not to admire the sheer talent on display here. For me, Alinea compares favorably with El Bulli or The Fat Duck.”

Chef/Owner: Grant Achatz

Chef de Cuisine: Michael Bagale

General Manager & Wine Director: Conrad Reddick

+1 312 867 0110

1723 North Halsted, Chicago, Illinois, 60614, USA

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